Everyday people view a variety of advertisements through different mediums. Whether it is a radio, television, digital or social media ad, a billboard, text, email, flyer, or any other number of advertising venues, getting your name, product or service out there is the key to keeping current business and bringing in the new clients. Our Traverse City marketing team can help you create a fog of awareness through name recognition and familiarity so that when the timing is right your are the natural choice.

Take a moment to think about advertisements you have encountered through Northern Michigan marketing in the last month or two. How many times and places have you seen an ad for the same company or product through various mediums? Since you have seen this company or service so many times, although you haven’t been a prior customer, you may have considered it due to familiarity. Believe it or not, research shows that, in most cases, the magic number is seven. After a person has seen or been introduced¬Ě to something about seven times, it registers in their mind as something they like or trust. Therefore, if your business pops up in the public line of sight through different mediums seven different times, it is much more likely people will feel comfortable enough to give you a try.

When implemented properly this type of frequency and presence in marketing can positively impact what people register as their gut feeling about your company, products and services. Individuals place a large degree of trust and significant spending dollars in their instinctual beliefs about products and services making this approach to marketing one that you can’t afford to ignore.

Our team of Traverse City marketing professionals knows how to create a fog of awareness within your target market, and we would love to help you harness the potential of quick exponential growth. Give us a call or email us today to schedule a consultation to find out how we can help your business grow.