As a business owner, you know that it is important to take advantage of every Traverse City marketing opportunity that comes your way. This means creating a diverse, attention-grabbing advertising scheme that reaches your customers wherever they are at home, at work, at play and in the bathroom.

Yes. You read that right.

In Traverse City, bathroom advertising is taking off, and for good reason. It is affordable, effective, and unique. If you want to truly expand your business and diversify your advertising methods, contact Traverse City marketing company Up North Media for information about restroom and washroom advertising today.

Traverse City Marketing Bathroom Advertising

Why Should I Advertise in a Bathroom?

Bathroom advertisements are based on the same theory as digital media marketing and television advertisements. The point of advertising in a bathroom is to take advantage of the captive audience that you have at your disposal. Think about the times that you have used a public bathroom. There is no doubt that you are a captive audience while in the bathroom, as there is nothing distracting you or fighting for your attention while in the restroom. Well-placed advertisements take advantage of this to draw attention to your business.


In a public restroom, there are many ideal places for advertisements. Businesses who participate in bathroom advertising in Traverse City have many options available when it comes to advertising design and placement. Some of the most effective locations are undoubtedly next to mirrors, above hand-dryers, and inside stall doors. All of these locations are within the viewing range of hundreds of potential customers each day, and guarantee that a business will receive constant exposure simply by having advertisements present in public restrooms.

Share Information

We stated above that bathroom advertisements take advantage of a captive audience. This is important because it allows businesses and companies to share longer, more detailed advertisements with potential customers. This opportunity allows companies to truly speak to the heart of potential customers, to impart a personal story, and to include a compelling call to action that will get new customers patronizing the business. Some important information that can be shared using this type of advertising include:

  • Sales and services
  • Special offers
  • Company mission
  • Business name, address, and pertinent contact information

Bathroom advertising is ideal part of your Traverse City marketing because you will have the time and exposure to truly communicate with potential customers. Contact Up North Media today to get started on a revolutionary new Traverse City marketing campaign.