Restroom Advertising Myths

On first thought, the idea of restroom advertising may seem odd. However, if you take the time to speak to advertising companies, or better yet businesses that have invested in this creative form of advertisement, you will quickly realize that restroom advertising is brilliant. Restroom advertisements take advantage of the best kind of audience there is, [...]

Did You Meet Your 1st Quarter Goals?

Need a Marketing Makeover? We have all heard Albert Einstein's definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results. Even though most would agree, many businesses continue to do what is old hat and comfortable with their marketing dollars, which does not give them the desired results.  Northern MI [...]

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Creating a Fog of Awareness

Everyday people view a variety of advertisements through different mediums. Whether it is a radio, television, digital or social media ad, a billboard, text, email, flyer, or any other number of advertising venues, getting your name, product or service out there is the key to keeping current business and bringing in the new clients. Our Traverse [...]

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Advertising Spending Disasters

You get what you pay for, right? Well, not always, and our Traverse City advertising company has heard too many stories of companies getting very little from their advertising investment (before they come to us!). If there's anything our Up North Media team would like for Northern Michigan businesses to know, it's that you need to [...]