Up North Media Inc. was the FIRST marketing company to offer exciting indoor digital signage powered by Media Goat to the Traverse City and greater Northern Michigan area. Digital signage is the fastest growing form of promotional messaging today. A few of the reasons digital displays are so popular with Traverse City businesses are:Digital signage Traverse City MI

  • Often Displayed to a Captive Audience
  • Marketing Fosters a Relationship Between Brand & Client
  • Dynamic – Audio, Video, Still or Moving Images
  • Modern
  • No Channel Surfing
  • Memorable
  • Flexible

Engage your clients and prospects with a dynamic video message that truly speaks to them!


How Will Digital Signage Benefit My Organization?

A digital signage deployment can help your organization achieve multiple benefits, including:

  • Informing and educating – Specific messaging to your target audience
  • Centralized content control tools – Manage content in real time
  • Cost savings over traditional signage Eliminate design, printing and distribution costs
  • Proof of performance -Tie performance and productivity to key communication goals

How does it work?

  • Let our experts install single or multiple screens
    in your business.
  • Sign up for an account and get
    immediate access to your account.
  • Create your content online.
  • Broadcast to your screens on-line
    from anywhere to anywhere.

Features.. Centrally managed from a web interface

  • Simple and easy to deploy
  • Wide range of media support
  • Does not require specialist hardware
  • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Support for RSS Feeds
  • and much more!