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Traverse City Marketing – Bathroom Advertising

As a business owner, you know that it is important to take advantage of every Traverse City marketing opportunity that comes your way. This means creating a diverse, attention-grabbing advertising scheme that reaches your customers wherever they are at home, at work, at play and in the bathroom. Yes. You read that right. In Traverse City, [...]

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Restroom Advertising Myths

On first thought, the idea of restroom advertising may seem odd. However, if you take the time to speak to advertising companies, or better yet businesses that have invested in this creative form of advertisement, you will quickly realize that restroom advertising is brilliant. Restroom advertisements take advantage of the best kind of audience there is, [...]

Indoor Advertising in Northern MI – Bathroom Real Estate

Due to high traffic and few distractions public bathrooms are some of the most effective indoor advertising locations available. Okay. We know. It's not necessarily glamorous like a TV segment. But with traditional advertising methods like television commercials, radio spots, or magazine or newspaper ads, you're gambling that your target demographic is going to be watching [...]