They say to shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.  In the past, the kinds of print branding tools and marketing company expertise that successful companies used were out of reach financially for most smaller companies but not any longer!

Today, thanks to highly effective online and digital marketing tools as well as very creative print marketing, small business owners can take advantage of the best on the market.

Up North Media, a marketing agency Traverse City MI companies use for affordable and effective communication strategies, offers a range of cutting-edge tools to help promote businesses across Northwestern Michigan.

You may be wondering which marketing tools work just as well for large corporations, family-owned businesses, and startups? Here are some of the high-tech advertising methods that are cost-effective and reach targeted demographics:

Text message marketing – Most Americans carry smartphones or iPhones now, which means they can be reached even when they’re mobile. You have the opportunity to engage with your clients or potential prospects in a meaningful way nearly 24/7. The best strategies will build relationships and trust, offering incentives and valuable information to your chosen audience and inviting it to communicate with you online or in person.

Indoor digital signage – Think about all the times during your week when you have to wait — the bank, in store lineups, at restaurants, or special event venues. Add a colorful and interactive sign with a meaningful message and people can’t help but read it. Effective digital signage works perfectly when campaigns are well thought out and the signage is placed in high traffic areas. Our marketing agency in Traverse City MI can easily give you 10 reasons why digital signage works.

Search engine optimization – Having a wonderful website is important, but you can’t just expect online traffic to show up. As with a storefront business, you have to make sure that clients notice your business website on the Internet. A key way to accomplish this is to ensure that your content has been optimized with the right keywords to get noticed by the search engines. This will get you recognized by qualified leads.

Email marketing – With most Americans online, email gives businesses many more opportunities to communicate special offers and new product information to clients quickly and cost-effectively. It can be personalized and scheduled, making it very appealing to business owners. However, it must be managed well because there is a fine line between reaching out to customers and annoying them. It’s also very easy for customers to ignore emails, so effective email campaigns must anticipate what will motivate consumers.

Unlike the advertising campaigns of the past, which required significant financial investment to be successful, the major determinant for success now is how professionally they are implemented. Hiring the right marketing agency, Traverse City MI based or otherwise, means ensuring that marketing professionals are enthusiastic, creative, and know how to work with the latest technology and social media platforms.

Would you like to use the same marketing tools that help America’s top entrepreneurs meet their business goals? Contact Up North Media Marketing, the digital marketing agency Traverse City MI businesses trust. Call us at 231-932-5646 for information and expert assistance with your marketing needs.