Want to get word out about your business? Our marketing agency in Traverse City, MI can get you started quickly with three of the latest trends in marketing.

Our marketing company professionals are happy to help with both large and small business marketing (and everything in between!) at prices that will work for a variety of budgets. As an established marketing company, we’re passionate about helping people think outside more traditional ways of advertising their products and services.

There are three new marketing trends used by our marketing agency for Traverse City, MI clients:

Text messaging marketing – Our SMS (Short Messaging Service) lets you reach your clients instantly with breaking news, special offers, and important reminders. Since we use an opt-in database of subscribers, you are sending information quickly to clients who want to receive your updates. The immediacy and flexibility of SMS are just a two reasons why text message marketing works for Northern Michigan businesses.

Digital marketing indoor screens – We were the very first marketing company to offer indoor digital signage as a marketing solution in Northern Michigan. This new trend has steadily grown because it works really well anywhere you have an audience – for instance in waiting rooms, restaurants, arenas – anywhere people have the time and inclination to read digital screens. Digital advertising signage works because it informs, educates, and even entertains people in a memorable and engaging way.

EverywhereUGO indoor signage – Our indoor billboard advertising signs are carefully placed to engage a truly captive audience. EverywhereUGO signs are installed on the backs of restroom stall doors, by sinks, and in elevators or lobbies of a wide variety of businesses and service providers. Given their location, members of the public can’t help but see your ad and even spend time reading and thinking about it. You may opt for either the 8.5-by-11-inch or the 17-by-22-inch size signs.

There are a few benefits each of these three new marketing trends have in common. First, they are all scalable and can be made to work as well for a small company as for a much larger business. Additionally, each of these strategies reaches audiences who are open to hearing your message. Another bonus is that we can reach out to your targeted demographic with thoughtful and meaningful marketing messages very quickly.

Ready for the most trusted digital marketing agency in Traverse City, MI to help you market your business? Call us at 231-932-5646 or contact our digital marketing specialists online at Up North Media Marketing to explore your options with the latest marketing trends.