All businesses, large and small, need a good marketing campaign to bring in new business and remind current customers to keep coming back. However, it can be difficult at first glance to determine which Traverse City marketing company is best for you.  We all take into consideration personality, reputation and price.  These are all important factors, but unfortunately they do not always give you a clear indication of your future success with the company. We have shared some marketing specific things that may help you to filter through your options more effectively and select the Traverse City marketing company with the best plan for your business.

  1. Online Presence: What type of experience does the Traverse City marketing company you are considering present online? How can they help you with social media, email lists, text messages, and website hits? What type of success rate do they have implementing these marketing solutions?
  2. On-Sight Marketing/Signage: What methods does the prospective Traverse City marketing company use for getting passersby in the door? What type of signage do they recommend? What is their percentage of effectiveness with signage? What up sell techniques do they employ once a customer is inside the facility? Do they have the capability to use digital media to get people interested in your products or services? Do they use flat screens, still images, slide shows, video, posters, books, or flyers? Do they use many different types of on-sight advertising?
  3. Coupons, Promotions and Deals: Does the Traverse City marketing company you are considering suggest utilizing any regular promotions to get people in the door? Do they recommend mailer coupons, on-sight promotions, text coupons, social media deals, email coupons, snail mail, or even Groupon type services? How cost effective are these plans and how do they impact your long term marketing goals?

Regardless of the size of your business, you can find the right Traverse City marketing company to increase sales and build your brand.

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