In the not-so-distant-past, companies routinely placed advertisements in their local yellow pages. The reason for this was simple. As potential customers searched for a pizza parlor, a new dry cleaning service, or even a tailor, they would see the well-placed advertisements and call. It was easy and effective. These days, however, yellow page advertisements simply don’t make the cut. In fact, if you contact a Traverse City marketing company, they will most likely suggest other forms of advertising and not even make mention of advertising in the local telephone book.

Welcome the Internet

No, the Internet is not new. However, its presence in our daily lives has greatly increased in the recent years. Simply put, your customers are turning to the Internet to find new products and services, and to even search out the contact information of familiar companies. The Internet is fast, it is accessible, and it doesn’t require the use of thousands of pounds of paper and waste. With smart phones and Wi-Fi, the Internet can be accessed anywhere. Telephone books and yellow page advertisements, on the other hand, cannot.

The Demise of the Landline

At the height of their popularity, telephone books listed the landline phone numbers of families within a local given area. With the increase of cell phone usage, however, landline connections are being cancelled at an accelerated speed. It is estimated that nearly 10 percent of landline telephone connections are cancelled each and every year. Many states have stopped listing residential phone numbers. As a result, telephone books are simply not being distributed at the same rate as they were in previous years.

Taking Advantage

If your company has traditionally placed advertisements in the local yellow pages, it may be time to consider new forms of media marketing. Partner with Up North Media, the leading Traverse City marketing company, to update your advertising strategy and expand your customer base. There are many opportunities when it comes to effective advertising. Digital signage in local waiting rooms and restaurants, text market advertisements, and even restroom advertisements are very popular and profitable. Creating advertisements and websites that correlate to relevant SEO searches is an important way to replace outdated yellow page advertisements and jump into the new world of business advertising feet first.