Wish you could contact your clients and prospects directly, with little cost and effort? Up We can help you with a mobile advertising strategy for Traverse City as well as the northern MI region.

Can you imagine the benefit of catching the attention of clients and prospects when they’re walking near your store? With a properly executed mobile advertising plan you can achieve this and more.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a professionally-executed text message marketing campaign:

  • Most Americans carry mobile phones everywhere they go and keep them nearby, even at home.
  • The majority of users have smart phones.
  • People are becoming more likely to access the Internet from smart phones than from a personal computer.
  • You have the ability to reach clients and prospects in real time wherever they might be (instead of in the past when they might have been online).
  • No other advertising medium works as well with time-sensitive messages: for example, notices of special offers or exciting new opportunities.
  • You can reach more clients and potential customers for less than advertising on the radio, television or newspaper letting you stretch your marketing budget and text campaign strategies with less of a financial investment.

Up North Media can help tailor your text messages to effectively engage your target markets. We can help build relationships with your clients and prospects through our professionally-executed mobile advertising services that are perfectly suited for northern Michigan, especially the Traverse City market.

Using just the right tone and style, we’ll generate interest for your business. One of the great features of a text message marketing campaign is the ability to automate messages, allowing for low pressure, engaging messages to be at work–even when you’re not.

Ready to try some cutting-edge marketing that works with the latest technology that will give your business the advantage it needs? Contact our team at Up North Media Marketing or call us at 231-932-5646 to see what we can do to make your business marketing more effective. It’s time to get mobile on board with advertising, Traverse City, MI!